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Pirn Winder


Gearing: Is run in Oil Bath.
Multicell Pirn Battery:
Filling of the batteries with empty pirn is easy, capacity from 20 pirns to 32 pirns according to the diameter of pirns.
Feeler Adjustment:
Feeler wheel running on ball bearing. There is no friction between feeler wheel and pirns.
Yarn Guide:
The yarn guide system is with positive and oscillating motion guarantees precise and controlled yarn laying. Time required for change of Pirns: 2 Seconds.
Pirn Driver:
The Pirn will be exactly centred, all types of usual ordinary and automatic pirns can be used.
Diameter of Pirns: Easily adjustable.
Tensioning devices:
Tensioning devices are supplied according to the type of materials handled.
Machine Units: The YPW Automatic Pirn Winder are built 1 or 2 sides.
Spindle Speed: 6000 – 12000 depending on materials.
Advantage of the YPW Automatic Pirn Winder: The Multicell batteries contain 20/32 pirns according to the diameter of the pirn’s head –permits a considerable number of spindles to be attended and can readily be filled to their full capacity. High spindle spindle speed machine design, results in exceedingly short manual operation and versatility to handle a vast range of yarns.
Small floor space required especially with double – sided machines and possibilities for subsequent extensions or conversions.