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H/136, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 072, India.

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You design it we make it. No bobbin is too small or big for us. Any material, any critical dimensions that too at a reasonable price. We make today smallest bobbins for silk and biggest bobbins for V. belt yarn or Tyre Cord.

Oil Rollers:
Made from S.S. and chemically finished to give you the oil pick up that you need. Lengths ranging rom 35mm to 500 mm.

Perforated Tubes:
Made from Aluminium and S.S. in various sizes by punching. Ask for separate catalogues for sizes and lengths.

Made from Aluminium die casting to suit your requirements. Plastic pirns/bobbins and other plastic items.

Bakelite Drums:

• Plain Bakelite to wind cotton yarn.
• Plain Bakelite with metallic inserts at apexes and cross over to wind blended yarn.
• Plain Bakelite with ceramic inserts at apexes and cross-overs to wind abrasive, hairy yarn.
• Syntraverse to wind synthetic yarn. This is a unique drum having bakelite core covered with steel sheet duly hard chrome plated. The metal edges are so projected over bakelite core that during winding, the yarn traverse only on the smooth hard chrome plated edges.
• New traverse to wind soft dye cones and for saving of yarn. Two rings are fitted on opposite ends of the drum. The special height of the rings do not permit empty yarn carrier to rub against the drum surface. Thus the initial winding is without undue tension otherwise caused by dead weight of the cone holder. Initial softer winding permit uniform and improved dye penetration and also allows complete package to open out during unwinding without breaks.
• Alu Tuff is hard coated light alloy drum available in hollow and solid execution with ceramic inserts at apexes and crossovers.
• Steel Traverse is hardened hollow steel drum.

Syntraverse Drum:
Hollow stainless steel drums eventhough lighter in weight were not successful. Primary difficulty was the grooves had to be glued on to the cylindrical core. This eventually always came off. And till the time it did not, the glue used to damage the yarn being traversed