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H/136, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 072, India.

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• Drop box loom
• Velvet Loom
Rapier Loom - Model - SF-666 / SF-777/ SF-930
• Narrow fabric Loom (Needle Loom)
• Sample loom
• Jacquard

Rapier Loom:

RAPIER LOOM OF 72” (180 CM) REED SPACE including:
Fully Automatic Positive Let-off Motion (Attached type) – 2 H.P.
High Torgue Electric Motor with Electromagnetic Brake – Six
Colour Weft Presenter Programmable by Microprocessor –
Electric Panel with Push Button.
Piezoelectric Sensor (Weft Stop) – Infra Red Warp Feeler (Warp Stop)
Leno Motion with Spool – Cloth Roll – Selvage Cutter – gripper Wheel
Gripper Belt – Gripper (Rapier) RH & LH

Standard Accessories:
Centralised Lubrication
20 Lever Cam Dobby with Under Motion
* Weft Accumulators (1 Panel + 4 Accumulator)
Warp Beam – 20” dia
Heald Frames with all connection – 4 Nos.
Electric Warp Stop Motion
Ring Tempuls – 2 Nos.
Weft Presentor stand (Creel) with Tensioners
Electric Blower with suction system with collection box