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Weaving Preparatory
• Warping machine
• Single End Sizing Machine
• Sizing Machine
• Wrap Tyeing Machine (Knotting Machine)
• Humidification
• Pirn Winder

Warp Knotting machine

MODEL XL/1 : Sheet to sheet suitable for coarse to fine count of cotton 6s to 80s high or low twisted yarn. Very simple and economical machine, easy to operate and maintain.

MODEL XL/2 : Lease to lease type most suitable for pattern, sized or unsized and twisted synthetic yarns, controlled thread tensioner for tying different yarn counts in the single warp.

MODEL XL/3 : Universal Knotting Machine with exchangeable tying unit, versatile model for extra coarse yarn to fine counts, lease to lease and sheet to sheet suitable for any type of yarn made from natural or synthetic fibres, controlled thread tensioner, stumbling motion (knock off system) machine movement can be adjusted according to the density of the warp.

Totally adjustable twin tube light fitting, extra Scissor for controlling tail ends and Machine speed of 100 to 600 knots / min are common features of all our models.


Tying Frames are very strong and supply for efficient working even at maximum operator width made out of special extruded aluminium alloy sections. Sizes are available for the maximum width of 760 cm. Frames can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.